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Product Release Notes


Ecommerce: Retailer Controls

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Specials stacking phase 3 beta
  • Built store-level settings that allow or disallow any particular special type from being combined with other special types within the same cart. There are three options: 1. Yes, this special can stack 2. No, this special cannot stack and 3. Yes, this special type can stack but only with other stackable special types. These settings will be available within the new business dashboard

  • Outdated Aeropay endpoint: This caused problems with autocapture and reversing cancelled orders. We will no longer run into these issues with the updated endpoint. In the transaction deletion flow, we added a second flow such that auto-captured payments do get refunded

Ecommerce: Shopping

  • Were seeing inconsistencies in delivery slots between the old and new checkouts, specifically impacting those with future day ordering or all day slots

  • For stores with different pickup and curbside windows, curbside selections were not savings

  • For Merrco payments, expiration dates that started with a 0 were causing errors

  • Delivery only specials were showing up on product cards and product detail pages on Kiosk specific menus

  • Boost menus were showing a single card per row on mobile after filtering for a specific category instead of the standard two cards per row

  • Changed SMS text from '#{code} is your authentication code' to 'Your authentication code is #{code}’ to stay within SMS compliance

  • Included multiple weights when available on Kiosk menu product cards

  • Displayed the price of filtered weight on Kiosk menu product cards

  • Expanded pickup setting by default if curbside and pickup are available

  • Expanded in-store payment settings by default so all in-store options are visible

  • ‘Curbside is unavailable’ error being seen for stores that are not offering curbside pickup

Ecommerce: Platform & Solutions

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Roots cart drawer redesign
  • Redesigned the Roots Cart Drawer to match the bag drawer launched last year. This includes a small version that works well for mobile or a blade-style cart, as well as a full-screen version


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Backdating Transactions
  • Built a new feature that allows users to edit, void, and backdate sales from the JPOS backoffice view

Illinois: Medical purchase limit fetch
  • Integrated with Biotrack’s card_lookup endpoint in order to grab a medical patient’s rolling 14-day purchase limit (tracked in Biotrack at the state level)

  • This action must be performed at check-in for the budtender to not oversell the patient’s allotment

Biotrack delivery: CT
  • Shipped our delivery integration with Biotrack to support delivery operations for our CT partners

VeriScan: ID authentication
  • Released the first iteration of our VeriScan integration, which provides ID authorization and age checks via a third-party application

  • Partners will need to sign up for VeriScan and procure their own device (iphone/android) to download the app and take advantage of the integration

  • VeriScan scans all domestic IDs and Passports

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CATM tender breakdown
  • Cashless ATM value was displaying incorrectly when cash back was applied. We now display (sum of CATM transactions - sum of CATM cash back) instead of (sum of CATM transactions) in the Cashless ATM area of the drawer tender breakdown page

Android: bag performance enhancements
  • Performed a series of enhancements and fixes to our bag redesign, including several performance related fixes and overall improvements

Usable weight: IL
  • Shipped our enhancement to fetch the usable_weight and usableweight fields from Biotrack STS

    • When syncing with Biotrack and importing new manifests, JPOS will auto-populate the usable_weight field in the JPOS weight field, thus allowing a batch-specific weight value to be used rather than a placeholder/advertised weight

    • Ex. 3.5g on the label, 3.63g usable weight in Biotrack

CCRS parent lot for splits
  • Rather than creating a new JPOS generated lot number for CCRS and using that as our external identifier on our CCRS return manifest, we’re now using the parent lot number

  • Android: Bug fix for Purchase Limits V2 where bulk flower was not being accounted for in purchase limit calculations

  • Android: Bug fix where the keyboard layout would reset as user typed a phone number

  • Android: Resolved an issue where some partners were reporting an ‘Unable to Proceed’ error when checking in MED patients 18-21 years-old

  • Rails: Resolved 500 errors on deliveries where the first and last name of a customer were missing

  • Rails: Biotrack inventory adjustments have been corrected

  • Android: Larger order level discounts will now properly override smaller item level discounts in the new bag redesign

  • Android: Loyalty points in the redesigned bag are now updated as rewards are added and removed

  • Android: Fixed a bug where after inputting phone number in the create/edit order modal, the keyboard layout would reset and the cursor position would change

  • Manifest intake: Resolved an issue where manifest data was being wiped/purged when users edited manifest items and either refreshed or navigated away


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Recommended row
  • Launched Recommended Row, the next iteration of our MyHigh powered placements, which will feature a “Recommended for You” row of organic and sponsored products on menu and PDP pages

In-session personalization
  • Released the next version of our MyHigh personalization on Cart Topper placements for unrecognized shoppers. This model uses in-session interaction with menus to improve product recommendations

All solutions

Business solutions from Jane are created with you in mind. Integrate these solutions into your
existing operations or implement them all for a connected, seamless ecosystem.

All solutions

Business solutions from Jane are created with you in mind. Integrate these solutions into your existing operations or implement them all for a connected, seamless ecosystem.

All solutions

Business solutions from Jane are created with you in mind. Integrate these solutions into your existing operations or implement them all for a connected, seamless ecosystem.